FC Sunrise First Freedom
Owner: Kyle Wintersteen

2008 National Open High Point

Training Clip 1

See Freedom in the September
issue of American Hunter Magazine
in the Gun Dog section.

2008 Open High Point Dog
Sunrise First Freedom
Owner: Kyle Wintersteen
Handler: Mike Wallace


At Stud

Frozen/AI breedings available since Freedoms passing this year.

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Most gundog trainers are fairly skilled, otherwise they'd need to get real jobs. There is a small, upper echelon of trainers, however, who have a natural rapport with dogs others never achieve. They're the dog whisperers, if you'll pardon the cliché, and Mike Wallace fits into this elite category. It is a bit comical watching him exercise his dogs; Many people have enough trouble communicating "hup, back and come" with their springers, but Mike will (somewhat jokingly) speak in complete sentences and the dogs honestly seem to understand.

One of the biggest keys to Mike's highly regarded training regimen is his reliance on the dogs' instinctive desires to hunt and please. He does not force his spaniels into gundogs, rather, he has an incredible knack for getting their natural drive to shine through. He's also a darn nice guy, a combination that's made him one of the most respected and well-liked folks in the spaniel community.

--Kyle Wintersteen

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