NFC FC CFC CACF Salmy's Master Piece "Cliff"

2012 National Field Champion

Owner: Frank Wiseman Ontario, Canada

Major accomplishments: 1st Place Futurity - New Jersey 2009,
Lorenzo High Point Puppy 2009,
North American High Point 2010,
National Open Champion 2012
High Point Sire - Canada 2013

Cliff tied for 3rd in the US for Open points with 26.
He has 9 wins in his career in North America and
has over 80 points total so far lifetime. Cliff will turn 4
in March of 2011. Cliff also won the North America
High Point award which is awarded at the Canadian National.

Cliff was 5th in the country in points in 2009
as a 2 year old with 51 points.
Cliff finished the 2009 Canadian National as a two year old.
He earned 44 all-age points including 8 wins.
He had 8 wins in his short career
in US and Canada in 2009.

Cliff has sired several litters if interested please call or email.


Winner of the Futurity and the Lorenze High Point puppy awards for 2008.

Winner of the North American
High Point Trophy

For the dog with the most All-Age
points in both Us and Canada










Central Ontario
1st Place - Spring 2009