Hi Mike, Rosey is doing great. Good attitude, nice inside and a blast
outside. Basics like sit, stay, come are b+. Walk on a loose leash is
A+. Heel is pretty new probably a b-. We walk fields every night and
chase a wing on a fishing rod (her favorite pastime). Around the farm
she does well with the other dogs but does steal the toys and bones. She
is pretty good around the horses. She never cries in the kennel. She travels
easily. She has a three approach to new things. 1= whoa watch out 2= what
is this check out carefully with a quick sniff 3= no problem I own it!!! I
should include that Rosey is healthy and growing. Last vet visit she was
about 20lb. She isn't shy around food. She looks like an athlete. She has
been in the water both from the shore and off a boat. Retrieves are kept
at a minimum. Inside we use a treat and limit it to about 10 at a time.
Outside we JUST started a few with an old wing as we walk.

Paul Rosen, Ohio