FC Sunrise First Freedom

2008 National Open High Point


Freedom had a fantastic year winning OPEN ALL-AGE HIGH POINT honors
and finished the 2008 National Open Championship in his grand style
showing huge nose and retrieving everything sent for with ease.

Freedom passed away at the young age of 7 but there is frozen semen available.
Kyle has decided to be very selective with the breedings chosen.
Inquire for more information.

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DOB 4/4/05
Owner Kyle Wintersteen
Sire: FC AFC Pondviews Windy Acres Yankee
Dam: Denalisunflo’s Iris
Eyes- Clear
Hips- Excellent


Stud Fee $1200

Freedom started the 2008 season with a bang.  He won the Iowa Open All-Age. He earned 2nd in the
Houston Open All-Age then went on to Win the Hall of Fame Classic in LaGrange Tennessee and received a 4th in
the second HOF event in LaGrange.  He has accumulated 21 points YTD and is US HIGH POINT YTD.  

Freedom is a big 48 pound dog with tremendous talent and ability. He won and placed in puppy stakes before being moved up to Open All-Age stakes at age 18 months, where he made 3rd series in 75% of his entered trials in the spring of 2007 before turning 2 years old. In May of 2007 Freedom won the Guns Award in Southwestern Ontario in a 50 plus stake and won the Open the following weekend at Central Ontario in a 64 dog Open stake. Just after turning 2 years old in April. He will win many trials in his career. Freedom has already at just 3 years old proven what an outstanding talent he is.  Many say in the field how exciting he is to watch.   Several breedings have now been done or are being booked. If you liked Yankee you will love Freedom. He has all the talent but much more as he is very biddable and he has excellent trainability. He has an unbelievable nose and great talent using it. He was tracking pheasants from the very first contact and can make retrieves of 100 plus yards with little effort.His natural ability is his best trait by far and why he is standing at stud at his age. He has much to offer the gene pool. Freedom came to Salmy Kennel when he was 13 months old with very little formal training under his belt and was running and winning puppy stakes 6 months later and has grown into an unbelievable All-Age talent.

This dog is one of the best I have worked with in 20 years for raw natural talent and instinct.



How to sneak your dog into
a hotel.

Pebbles is a 2/9/2008 Daughter of Freedom's.
She placed First in an Open and an Amateur this Fall, 2009.

Osage Rock and Roll "Pebles"
Sire: FC Sunrise First Freedom
Dam: FC AFC Osage Gem of Mt View


"Gem" is a Freedom pup.
She has won and placed in puppy
stakes and will be running All Age
stakes in the spring.

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See Freedom's page for more pictures and pedigree.