My training techniques are based entirely of dogs from outstanding breedings and working with and bringing out the natural ability of a dog. My training does not include electricity as a matter of plan. I do own E-collars but usually only use them if a dog comes into the kennel that has already been trained with the e-collar and responds accordingly.

My methods are based on natural ability and relationship with the dog. They all spend personal time with me as well as coming in the house for periods of time. All things are connected to birds and reward for doing good with birds and lavish praise.

Conditioning drills are done at the water as well as retrieves with the “dummy launcher” and long group walks in the mountains where I live. I SPECIALIZE IN PROBLEM AREAS. I can fix holes or problems with trial dogs that develop over time. GUARANTEED results! If Your trial dog is becoming trial wise, pulling you down the course my program can help. If you have a retrieving problem, breaking problem or any other issue that comes up with trial dogs please allow me to help. If I can't fix it, it can't be fixed and I do guarantee the results or training fees refunded.

If you are interested, I can fix your problem dog through the summer and have him/her ready to run again by the fall season.

I charge $600 per month for training plus expenses which at this time include birds, grooming, any vet bills and entry fees for trial clients. Bird of choice are pigeons for puppies and pheasants for All-Age dogs and seasoned gun dogs. I communicate with clients mostly by e-mail and invoice that way as well. I do welcome all calls from clients and any communication that is desired by clients is adhered to as best as possible. I am set up to send e-mail updates for trial dogs series-by-series if desired by clients.

I do “train” handlers for a $100 fee per session if desired. There is no charge to come out and train and learn by osmosis but if one-on-one training is desired the fee does apply.

My clients are located in a variety of locations including California, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee, Washington DC, Ohio, West Virginia and Canada. I’ve sold puppies all over the United States.

Brandon Smith - Atlanta, GA

Harriet Clark

Kyle Wintersteen

Bill Fawcett, Harrisonburg VA

Paul Rosen, Ohio

Jim Marple

Jim Cowen, LaGrange TN